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Knights of the Air Ezra Bowen

Knights of the Air

Ezra Bowen

Published January 1st 1980
ISBN : 9780809432523
192 pages
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 About the Book 

This was a great, fun book. It had great photographs, paintings, drawings, anecdotes, and actually quite a lot of information for a relatively short book. Ive been reading about WWI aviation since I was a child, yet still I learned quite a bit from this book, particularly about the personalities of some of the aces. The book also does a good job of portraying the deteriorating effects of the war upon its famous aces, how many of them suffered from what we would now call PTSD and either flew recklessly and/or had to take time away from the war to recuperate. The stories of chivalry among some of the pilots (such as letting an enemy with a jammed gun fly away with nothing more than a wave) provide a striking contrast to the brutality of the war on the ground (and, increasingly, in the air).